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A writer has many dreams. One of these dreams is having a platform that will help him or her interact with the audience directly. This is a dream that hasn’t come to pass for many writers simply due to the lack of a reliable avenue. Business writers and entrepreneurs find this to be very challenging. People who rely on the internet to make sales have had many challenges. This happens if they do not have the right avenue to get to their customers. This is a challenge I had before I realized the power behind a blog. Many people have had the notion that blogs are only targeted to a certain group of people. This has made them lose great opportunities of linking with their potential customers.

This blog is targeted at getting linking readers with their favorite authors. This is in the anticipation of the launching of a directory. This is a directory that is set to be launched in a few months time. The directory is one of the best ways of getting articles published and getting to the readers with ease. Unlike general websites, a directory has the capacity of hosting many categories. This means that the needs of each and every writer as well as reader will be served. In a bid to get the preparations well handled, I decided to come up with this blog.

This blog makes it easy for writers to have their articles posted without having to go through the troubles that other writers go through. For business persons, the traffic they get to their sites is what translates into sales. Getting and maintaining this traffic is the major challenge and this directory will make it easy for the entrepreneurs to keep traffic flowing to their sites. With quality articles, the author can be sure that their articles will get them the following that they are looking for. This begins from the blog and later spills over to the directory after it has been launched. After the launch, the authors will be required to register and post their articles at a fee. However, those who have shown their interest in the directory will have it easy. Basically, the authors who will show their interest in having their articles posted in the directory through this blog will have their posts posted at no charge. This is for all the posts that will have been submitted to the blog. They will also get priority over other writers as their articles will be the first to be posted to the directory. This is in a bid to reward them for their interest and also participating in the blog.

If you need to have your articles posted in the directory that is set to be launched in a few months, the best idea would be linking with this blog and showing the interest here. This will make it easy for you to have your articles posted and also make your presence felt early in time. You will benefit more by having your articles running on the blog.

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