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Children Just Adore The Film Frozen

In Summary

While it may not have been absolutely true to the initial story, the finished version of Frozen most certainly resonated with viewers young and old. The sisterly devotion theme certainly worked well for young girls (and their mothers), and it also helped to provide incentive for Anna to perform her mission. In Hans Christian Andersen's initial telling, the Snow Queen is assisted by a youthful peasant girl who has no firm relationship to her.

Although that may have been credible in Andersen's time, modern-day viewers, in Disney's reasoning at least, may have considered that degree of selflessness a little bit difficult to believe. Judging by the results, Disney appears to have been one hundred percent correct in its assessment.

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It has now been more than twelve months since Frozen was released. However, there's most definitely no sign of any "thaw" in the demand for movie themed gifts. With Christmas rapidly looming, parents will be eyeing the retailers diligently to make sure that reserves of the required items do not get exhausted too quickly. After the initial release of the film, it was really rather hard to source Frozen toys, dress up gear, action figures etc. There were lots of dissatisfied boys and girls, and also irritated moms and dads around twelve months ago. Thankfully, Disney finally seems to have recognized exactly what a massive hit it has and stocked up accordingly. With a little luck stocks will hold up sufficiently to make sure that everybody gets just what they desire this Christmas.

Even with a sisterhood in place, the movie still went through a number of revisions before it was ultimately premiered. In the very first versions Princess Elsa was a great deal nearer to the authentic Snow Queen than she became in the final release of the movie. Some of the earlier versions saw her as a villain, which would certainly have been a lot more in line with Andersen's Snow Queen.

However, this was adjusted to reveal a more sensitive and vulnerable element to her character and, even though this might not have been as true to the root material, the results would appear to justify this move. In addition to the alterations to Elsa's personality, the bond between the two princesses, in spite of the big differences in their personalities, is a central element of the plot.

In addition to the two princesses, the major characters in the movie are Kristoff the mountain man, Sven, his reindeer, Hans, the Prince of the Southern Isles and Olaf, the goofy snowman. Hans is essentially in the typical Prince Charming mould, and it is Anna's amorous interest in Hans that sets off the unplanned use of Elsa's ice magic during her coronation. When Anna sets off to be reunited with Elsa, she meets Kristoff and his reindeer, Sven.

She coaxes them to lead her in the mountain peaks and they journey together. Romantic emotions also grow between Anna and Olaf. She's a popular girl.

Last, but not least, is Olaf the snowman. Olaf was created by Elsa working with her magical ice powers during the course of her childhood and has the vital role of "wacky sidekick" throughout the film. He's definitely, in my opinion at least, one of the funniest Disney characters for quite some time - and he has some terrific wittiscisms plus some awesome visual gags.

Frozen has collected a ton of accolades, including two Academy Awards - one for "Best Song" (Let It Go), the second for "Best Animated Feature". Golden Globes, BAFTAs, Critic's Choice awards and Annie Awards were just a small sample of the additional honors gathered by the film. As well as getting a massive amount of critical praise, the film was a huge triumph at the box office. It was the highest grossing motion picture in 2013, the highest grossing animated feature of all time and even the fifth highest grossing motion picture (of any type) of all time. , Frozen was a hit both with movie critics and the cinema going public, and it turned into a real cash cow for Disney.

However you consider it, Frozen has been an enormous success Disney. Moviegoers adore it, it was very well received by film critics and it has earned tons of honors in the industry. It was also a great commercial success for Disney.

It was the highest earning film of 2013, the highest earning animated feature of all time and even the fifth highest grossing motion picture of all time. It earned Disney an estimated $1.3 billion globally. With regard to critical acclaim, Frozen earned two academy awards; one for Best Animated Feature the other for Best Song. It also got a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film and a BAFTA for Best Animated Film. Five Annie Awards and two Critic's Choice (Best Animated Feature, Best Original Song) are just a few of the other numerous accolades acquired by the movie up until now.