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Juvenile acne solutions

Wikipedia:Choosing Wisely/American Academy of Dermatology ...

Diets which can lead to high amounts of refined sugar or carbohydrates, such as breads and potato chips have also been known to increase the frequency of acne.


Make up artists in Hollywood have to make sure that the actor is looking their best. They have come up with some creative ways to hide and actors or actresses acne when they are shooting a television show or motion picture.

Another common cause of acne is stress. Often times, teenagers are under a great deal of stress from social peer pressure, academic stress, and sometimes conflict with their parents or siblings. Learning how to manage the stress can be helpful in eliminating one potential source of bad acne. Although stress is often ignored it can be a contributing factor toward increased acne breakouts.

Symptoms and cures for acne

Some doctors believe that it is due to hormonal and balances, especially among teenagers. This is a good theory because teenagers are often played with acne and this coincides with their extreme hormonal change as they develop from adolescence into adults.